06 March 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Rain interrupted play today, difficult to get much done out in the yard.  At least there was plenty to do in and around the shed.

The frame is now complete at the base of the cabin.  All the metal repair panels have been cut ready to stitch in.  The joints will require filling before painting.  We now have all the paint in stock to complete No.5.
A new fuel filler pipe has been fabricated.  By cunning squashing one end of a round pipe to a rough rounded rectangle and then angling the base has produce a strong assembly which can easily be reached when refuelling.  The tank has had all the 44 lid bolts fastened and now has to be returned to the boat.  It is going to be necessary to shift the engine slightly to get it in in this assembled condition.
We are investigating the possibility of working  more often on the boat to ensure the target end date is reached.