20 March 2019

Scenes from Western Depot

By Buffs

February rushed past leaving memories of a month of four seasons. The bite of the winter snow, the blast of the wind and rain followed by the unusual balmy warmth which saw Western depot bathed in sun. The final week went out with a roar but did not produce the expected bounty of fallen timber for the log yard. Normal service returned in March with frost glistening on the pale fields around the canal. The bright and heightening sun was welcomed into the small engines workshop as Colin opened both doors on the container to encourage the warming golden rays to alight onto the benches and motors lying there.
The thin winter volunteer role call managed to fill the yard with the sounds of industry as Jasper was finished and returned to the water in readiness for the new season’s work and the dredger team set to repairing and replacing the rust ravaged cabin walls. Vince has mastered the staccato of spot welding of thin plate. Others have taken on the task of covering the yard (and its denizens) in a fine green sheen as the sound steel is prepared for repainting. 

On a slightly sadder note we said goodbye, hopefully not farewell, to John and Gill. This couple have been responsible for an inordinate amount of painting over the last 18 months or so. Joining us from the Tuesday/Thursday groups they worked quietly and methodically to prepare and paint both Ratty and Mole. With the personal understanding of a long partnership they achieved a high standard which was recognised by us all. It was fitting that they were the hosts on Ratty and Mole as these boats were formally named Jasper and Stuart before joining the CCT flotilla. The quality of finish on Patricia is also a product of their standards of work. We wish them well on their adventures on their new boat.