11 March 2019

Patricia’s Left Hand

by: Bob H.

Today saw a change in Patricia’s disposition!
After suffering an annoying hydraulic leak last week, (fixed by Andrew R and his team) we set out today to get closer to Ryeford Lock - but on the other (towpath) side. 

With a very able and careful Tug team (Dave Pash. in charge) the empty hopper was beautifully placed in position and we began dredging to clear the landing stage. 

New recruit Harry H showed his experience on a 360 degree excavator to great effect and soon we were filling the hopper with the usual mix of bricks, silt, tree detritus and other lovely stuff.

By the day’s end, we could get Patricia alongside one end of the landing stage, a great step forward - especially since we were loading “Left handed!”

“May all locks be in your favour.”