17 January 2018

4 Vessels pass under Stantons Bridge today!

Today's eventful and successful entry of 4 vessels onto the pound above Stanton's Bridge.  Mud barge pulled through first, followed by the dredger and Annette 2, and lastly Wookey Hole.

 All vessels reversed course and are moored by the bridge ready to start the dredge and movement via mud barge to the long reach digger, which will then off load into the trench which is ready on Sutton's field. It is probably 80 years since any vessels used this stretch of the canal.

Andrew Rendall adds.....

Hi all

It’s so good to see we can do this as I planned and make another milestone because of teams working together proving it’s so easy to load and move Mud Hoppers.

I’d like to thank the 3 teams, Dry and Wet dredging as well the Wookey team (acting in place of tug team and will continue as long as no other task to do)
Those involved today were working effectively and cooperatively with me and each other. Another sign of our willing volunteers.

A great introduction for another new dredger volunteer, Eddie.

A good 2 1/2 months ahead now method plan agreed and tested.

I’ll give Dave practical direction on Monday.  

Many thanks and regards
Andrew R