15 January 2018

Western Depot - other activities

It was a hive of activity again today with volunteers buzzing around on numerous projects.  So, here's a round up of some of them.

Mole, the work boat, finally made it back into the yard.  You may remember that it was pressed into service for the WERgies over Christmas/new year in an unfinished condition.  The hull is still unpainted on the inside.
For the observant of you, you'll have noticed that the area of decking covering the soggy mud has grown.  It is likely to extend further as panels are sourced.

Also, the trailer, which has been under construction for a while now finally made it out of the shed and into the fresh air.  Here it was in the process of being turned over by quite a large team.  It is intended to carry Mole and Ratty by road to sites along the canal when required.

Some lock side tidying took place around Newtown & Blunder Locks to shift the leaves off the grass so that it better survives the winter.  A new set of wooden steps was constructed and were spotted heading out the yard off towards the Leviathan mud hopper to provide safer access.

There was almost certainly more going on, but sorry if your scribe did not spot it!