22 January 2018

Western Depot activities today

Work on Mole continued with the preparation and painting of the second half of the boat.  It had all got a bit wet inside over the weekend, but managed to dry out enough for the primer to be applied.  Splendid job, it looks great now.

In order to provide a safe working area between the fence and Patricia, some of the wood donated by B&Q found a use in the bespoke decking solution.  This really helped us achieve a record pin removal today.  Just one to go now and all the leg metalwork can be prepared for shot blasting and painting.

Out in the yard, the first cut in what is going to be the trench across the yard for the services to the new mess caravan.  No issues with dust after the weekend's soggy weather.

Arriving one day earlier than expected, 45 sponsored bricks.  All sorted ready to be laid to the plan devised on Sunday.  It is hoped to get these in place before the official opening of Wallbridge Lower Lock. One of our volunteers was very keen to spot his brick as it was unloaded onto a pallet. 

Elsewhere, work continued on Leviathan with further inspection of the condition of the hopper interface within the deck plate.  Water was also being pumped out in an attempt to get the bilges dry.  Much log splitting was in progress and further interior modifications to the new caravan saw the sink unit moved into what was the bedroom area, plus an assessment of the usable electrics.

There were problems with Ratty over in Blunder Lock, which were taking a while to address.  The Molson mini digger headed off to the Eastern Depot.  Sorry if one of your jobs for today has been missed.  There were so many volunteers around today, it's not possible to catch everything that happens.