17 January 2018

WD - Around the yard.

Plenty of other work going on.  Various wrecking weapons were in use on our 'Carnival' caravan, with the interior in the process of getting gutted.  Now that the interior walls have been removed right through to the bedroom at the rear, the vast and useful space can be appreciated.  Bob and his team are making good progress

Work boat Mole, now back in the yard, was receiving much TLC.  Half of the rusty interior, which had not seen paint, was cleaned down and the first coat of primer applied.  The finish looked excellent.  Second half, next time.

Further work continued on Leviathan mud hopper.  A plan has been drawn up to create an area of decking on the canal side.  Soft mud and the canal bank complicating the design.  Some quick fix concrete repair around the hopper was chipped out to reveal the true condition of the metal.

In the wood yard, the new log splitter was going full chat with four volunteers busy processing the latest delivery and adding to the impressive wood pile to commence the seasoning stage.

In the main area of the yard, more decking was laid.  We now have a patchwork of new yellow, blue and pink panels, well at least until they are covered in mud.

The sunny dry day was kind to all our outdoor activities.