17 January 2018

Dredging progress Tuesday

A really good day of dredging today on the Bowbridge to Stanton's Bridge section. Andrew, Bob and new trainee Mark arrived at 08:30 for a fuller days work. 

After being severely frustrated recently by hydraulic system issues, today we were held up for a couple of hours by low water levels. Twiddling a couple of paddles (with great care) on Griffin's Mill Lock restored levels while we fixed a few more hydraulic "features" and a leaking radiator hose!
Once under way, good progress was made into the ever deeper "silt with reeds and occasional clay." Interesting finds were constantly being made. 
A large eel (no picture) 
A bicycle wheel:
An ever-present find- a fencing post:

And finally, at close of play, we are only about 30 yards from Stanton's Bridge, 58 yards further on from the start of today! 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."