31 January 2018

Western Depot - news

Inside the fence, as usual, much going on.  The interior of the new welfare caravan is just about down to the floorboards.  A large metal 'I' beam was being planted at the front corner to protect against possible vehicle damage.

Inside of 'Mole' was receiving another coat of paint in the sunshine.  Later, there was an practice run at trying to load it onto the new trailer.  Due to space constraints, the approach was not optimum and the attempt abandoned until another day.  

A number of other jobs, mostly involving the road fleet zipping off to various sites, took place.  It was hoped to take the sponsored bricks to Capel's Mill for laying, but in the end, time ran out.

Late in the day, a group assembled in the mess van for a session of Team Leader training. ably assisted with two large Pavlovas!