11 January 2018

Dredger No.5 repairs

Today, Andrew Rendell completed a grubby but vital job. 
A main hydraulic pump discharge hose on Dredger No. 5 (aka Augustus Gloop) sprang a massive leak a few days ago, depositing a quantity of oil into the bilge. A new hose was obtained with great urgency fro a local company Rotec. 
Andrew, in full safety harness, complete with oxygen monitor was lowered into the bilge by his fully briefed and trained safety team. 
The broken pipe, with it's extremely difficult access, was changed and secured and the bilge emptied of oil and cleared out. 

With dredger restored to health again Andrew was assisted by Bob and Tim,
and another 50 yards of reed mat were cleared to one side of the channel. (We reached the end of the The Bowbridge Lock houses). 
A typical clamshell bucketful of reeds looks like this: 

That's Stanton's Bridge, our current destination, in the background. 

The canal we've partially cleared looks like this now. 

Onwards and upwards we go! 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."