15 January 2018

Patricia update

It will come as no surprise that we were back on pin removal, although the scenery was a bit different now that we had moved to the front of the vessel.  On a par with other days, two pins were removed and the third was started.  Some time was spent erecting a platform now that there is no space to work on the boat due to the cab structure.

An interesting morphing of communication occurred through the noise of the drilling when a comment uttered from nearby of "moving up and down" (referring to the hydraulic feet that were being exercised) was interpreted as "looks like a clown"!  No offence received after clarification.

At the stern, some time was spent getting the rudder to move.  The actual problem laid in a packing gland just inside the boat which had seized solid.  This will receive more attention next time.

Once the rain cleared, it was quite a productive, mild and pleasant day aboard the dredger.