10 January 2018

Ratty's Return

Work boat Ratty has been moored up the Ocean side of Bond's Mill Bridge since helping with the WRGies work party that cleared the banks and trimmed the trees over the Christmas holiday.

To get it there, the water level in the pound had been lowered so that it would clear the lift bridge.  Since then, not only has the level returned, but is actually a bit higher due to the volume of water heading down the canal just now.

A team was dispatched from Western Depot to attempt a recovery.  Clearly, one way to get it under the bridge was to load it up and this they did with a considerable quantity of logs which were still stacked on the canal side.

Passage under the bridge was followed by a trip through Newtown & Blunder  Locks before the load was transferred into a trailer and returned to WD.

Pictures A.J.