08 January 2018

Today's 'other' Western Depot News 

With the new year well behind us, large numbers of volunteers materialised in the depot this morning, highlighting only too well the need for additional accommodation.  This was the scene at morning break, with two more new volunteers 'looking for work'.  You may notice that on the table the surplus Christmas chocolates, biscuits and sausage rolls were still being processed!

Down near Blunder Lock a large Ash tree had fallen over into the canal.  A team was dispatched to recover the wood and with the assistance of the work boats, get it onto shore The timber duly appeared outside the wood yard for off loading and future splitting.
[ If anyone has a site picture, I'd be pleased to publish it ]   

Where there's smoke there's drilling!  Work on Patricia continued with several more pins extracted during the day.  This is a slow and laborious job, with still a couple more to do at the stern end.  We've not started at the bow end yet, where access will be a bit trickier, but at least the unenviable task of extracting the well seasoned quagmire of detritus under the cab was completed.