10 January 2018

Work commences on Leviathan

Our mud hopper Leviathan, which has waited patiently for some time for attention, has finally seen some action today.

Following delivery from the Avon Navigation Trust, for many years it rested on the non towpath side of the canal at Pike Lock, but more recently was moved across the canal and lifted onto the bank in readiness for restoration prior to entry into service.

Today's activity focused on the two hatches, one at each end, both of which have sustained damaged lids due to many heavy impacts over the years which has fractured the metal and let water in.  The hinge bolts have been removed and for now, temporary wooden lids, made in the depot, fitted.  The original hinges will be used for the new replacement fabrications.

A full shot blast is planned, plus repaint and many other areas will receive attention, which we'll report here when they happen.