03 January 2018

Dredger Patricia

The Christmas break featured quite a lot of rain and snow, the consequences of this were that the bilges had again taken on a fair bit of water.  The little 'Hippo' submersible was called upon to clear the three bilge areas.  Bob had purchased three small 12V pumps over the break and these will be fitted to do the job when we are ready.

Work continued to remove the seized pins in the support leg steel work.  No amount of flogging was going to shift them, so it is now a matter of drilling them out, one by one.  

The mag' drill was employed for the job, first cutting a pilot hole and then going in at size to release the joint.  Two and half pins were dealt with today.

She also received further pressure washer cleaning on the depot side which remained to be done. (Note: costume several sizes too large!)