14 January 2018

'Summit' went on today

13 volunteers assembled for Karen's Summit working party on Sunday. Conditions were ideal in that it was dry and fine with no wind.  Vital safety information was provided! 

Christine Boon's Cartoon

After the transport of tools from storage to site, the task was to continue clearing the eastern bank between the tunnel and the road bridge.  With two chain saw operatives, progress was good.  All the timber. mainly Ash, suitable for log fires was lifted up to the road for collection and the brash broken down and disposed of on two large bonfires.

Two, two hour sessions were punctuated by lunch.  Drink & cake were provided, taken on the picnic tables outside the Inn.  It was probably about 12 years since the bank was last cleared of tree growth.

Next month's event, 11th February, will hopefully see completion up to the road bridge.  This is certainly an activity where many hands mike light work, however, we had all received an excellent work-out by the end of the day, but unlike a gym, much work of real value had been achieved.  The vista down the cut is now much improved.