23 December 2018

Blast from the Past 2

by: Bob H.

Not all our jobs are on sections 1A or 1B

In 2011, a milestone at St Mary’s at Chalford had been pushed over by a large Hawthorn tree root. After being heaved out – all manually achieved, the offending root was carefully cut off and the stone taken to F.J. Cambridge a very friendly Monumental Mason, in Gloucester. 

Since it was a clean and little damaged break, it was literally glued back together with a stainless steel “safety pin” inserted into the centre for security.

The pictures tell the story!
 Richard Tanner looking for the stump
 Mike Langford found the stump
  The stump ready to lift out.
 Mike Langford Cutting tree root out
 Here it is ready to go
Lionel Lusty - The gnome of St Marys Milestone
 Milestone bottom section
 David Cambridge Ponders the repair
 Dennis Cambridge and The safety pin
LtoR Dennis, David and Mark Cambridge 3 generations
Arriving at Site

Colin Parsons is Pleased with the result
 Back in place