05 December 2018

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Since Dredger No.5 landed on Monday in Western Depot's Eastington dry dock, today was the first opportunity to properly kick off the project.  We had managed just to fence her in, so now it was time to get on with making the operating area safe to work in.  So, it might come as some surprise, but it was not too early to get the paint out!
In a really despicable attention to finish quality, the numerous trip hazards had white paint dobbed on them.  (I'm pretty sure my hat was once green!) Our chippy guys magic'd with amazing speed some staging supports for the plastic trench covers, which make a great way to provide the surface with an effective non slip surface. 

The steps made for access to Patricia have been recovered from the rear storage area and redeployed.  A flat and roomy area now awaits the heap of components, including an engine, that will shortly be extricated from No.5  We had a great team of 6 beavering away.  Thank's guys.