10 December 2018

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Today was the first proper opportunity to actually get on with the project.  With our ratchets set to 'Loosen' we began the process of removing redundant equipment.

Firstly, as much as possible of the liquids contained in the systems were safely recovered.  This included the hydraulic oil, engine coolant, and the two diesel tanks.  

In preparation to remove the engine, everything that had been attached to the engine cover had to be stripped down.  We also managed to disconnect all the services to the engine and release the bolts that secure the whole assembly down to the frame inside the boat.  Both exhaust pipes were cut off the cover.  Basically, we are ready to lift the engine cover, followed by the skid mounted engine assembly.
Since we were not able to do the lifts, we set about the boom and its fixing to the turret.  Here there is a circle of bolts securing it down, most of which yielded when given a dose of shock treatment, however, a few decided just to turn and not undo, so these will be cut off next time.  The hydraulic motor that turns the turret was also removed so that the drive pinion could be inspected.  It was suspected that there were broken teeth, but all that was visible was the wear and tear to the teeth, which had lasted quite well considering its advanced age.
The main operating cabin also saw some action.  Firstly, the seat was ejected!  Then the cover over the control lever manifold was lifted and the process of stripping out the rats nest of hydraulic pipes began.  By end of play, both control blocks and most of the piping had been removed.
In all, an excellent days effort.  There is plenty to do on Wednesday.  It is hoped that we can get some lifting tackle on site a week today and set about plucking the engine out.  A great team effort.