20 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all our readers

by: Myron
The Boat Team finished the year off in fine form on Wednesday, fielding 3 boats, which has regularly happened this year.

Weedie needed to get out of Wallbridge pound as the level was due to be lowered for maintenance on the overflow weir at Bowbridge.  Nick and Rob took the opportunity for some tidying up.  Incidentally, the new mesh belt for Weedie has been ordered, so that will be quite a big project in early 2019.

Tony took a crew of 3 trainees down to Harpers field to fetch Delilah.  They got her as far as Ryeford.  Delilah will be used early in the New Year when test holes are due to be drilled in the weak wall at Dudbridge Lower.  It will then be moved up to join Samson, where it will be fitted with a crane.

I took Margaret out with Steve to do some hopper training and we are both delighted that I’m able to sign him off with his Margaret with hoppers endorsement.  Margaret is still having trouble with a coolant leak – somewhere, we just can’t find it.

2018 was an exciting year for the Boat Team and it looks like 2019 will get off to an exciting start.

And a Happy New Year