12 December 2018

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Today we continued preparing No.5 for major component removal.  Next Monday we will have a HIAB on site to do the big lifts.  The engine cover, followed by the old engine and skid, then the hydraulic capstan assembly which is very heavy.  Finally the boom and turret at the front end.

It took all day to release the 42 bolts that secured the thick metal flange that supports capstans to the hull.  The final five were so inaccessible that we had to resort to the gas axe to cut the heads off.  Underneath hangs a heavy hydraulic motor and drive system, so we are hoping to extract this as one piece.

At the front, the remaining turret bolts were released.  All the bolts that were spinning when the nut was turned were treated to a nut splitting treatment using a drill and chisel.  All is now ready for the lift.
In a spare moment, the two inspection covers besides the turret were removed.  Not only did this give us a great view inside the hull, which looked in excellent condition, but also provided access for the removal of the hydraulic trip hazard fittings on the edge of the deck.  
All this physical activity demands an adequate supply of fuel.  Today, we were well provided for with a fine selection of 'energy' cakes to keep us going!