20 December 2018

Western Depot @ Egypt Mills

Today was the works festive dinner which Di & Ron expertly orchestrated at Egypt Mills.  About 100 of us assembled for the occasion.  A barrel of Stroud Brewery's fine Budding ale had been donated and was on free tap. - many thanks Greg.

It all kicked off at about 11 o'clock and ran through past 4pm.  A great social event, one which was enjoyed by all, including volunteers from outside WD and members of staff.  

On completion of the main meal, a plethora of generously donated prizes for the raffle were collected by the lucky winners.  A number of after dinner 'speeches' preceded mince pies and coffee.  Bob Ambury spoke passionately about the comradeship of the folk at Western Depot and the need for us all to work together in the up and coming delivery of Phase 1B, a massive project in the restoration of our canal.

Following on, Bob H. then introduced the initial award ceremony for the 'Patricia' Trophy to mark the most significant trials & tribulations experienced in delivering a project.  Bob A. and his team won that for all the hard work at Ham Mill, which has concluded on a high, but has endured its much darker moments in the past.  To round up, Dave Marshall concluded the session with his festive SNC hat in place
Below are some images from the day.  If you are slightly blurred, then you must have been chatting!  Light levels were quite low in places resulting in long exposure times.