19 December 2018

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Re-fit

A large cavernous void is probably the best way to describe the engine bay of No.5.  All that remained were the two disused fuel tanks, either side, to unbolt and inspect.  But, before that, we had a small issue with the old engine which was deposited behind the dredger late on Monday evening in the dark.

We had forgotten to cover the engine with the tarp's sitting besides it and you know how much water fell from the sky during Tuesday.  There was water in places which really should never see water, so we decided the best course of action given that we wished not to trash the engine, was to suck out as much water as possible and then remove the injectors so that the cylinders could be blasted clear when the engine was cranked.

The first stage of cranking was followed by a WD40 flush out and then an oil flush out, lastly giving each pot a shot of oil and replacing the injectors.
Further plumbing bits and pieces were removed and at the same time we set about pumping out the oil water mix that sat at a significant depth in the bilge.  An old water butt was filled with the mix and allowed to settle.  The water could be dropped off, so it served as a half reasonable separator.  There is still more to do here before a serious bilge clean takes place.
Getting back to the voluminous diesel tanks.  Once unbolted and lifted out, the port side one with the small inspection hatch was inspected.  Just a thin layer of sludge sat in the bottom.   Both have a large flanged top with numerous fixing bolts.  In the new year, these need to come out and both tanks given a thorough clean and made ready for reuse.  One good diesel fill should last 6 months or so!  We'll dispense with the old plastic lorry fuel tank.
There is plenty to do before the new engine arrives, so please come along and lend a hand if you can.  Many thanks to all the team today.  We achieved quite a lot.