20 December 2018

Ham Mill - Weds Dec 19th

by: Andy P.

The 3 of us started the day by writing a plan on the white board. Mmmm. Lots to do then.

First job remove all the Haras fencing and blocks from the yard.
Move all the wood stakes and other bits.  Lots of bits were moved.
Create a nice big clear area by the amenity cabin so the large gate posts can be refitted.
Take down and store the Haras fencing from the tow path area around the now filled in trench where the bypass pipe has been laid.

Charge the drill and gather, drill bits, screws, hammers, disc cutter, water, wheel barrows, crowbars and go into the bungalow to fit the small metal fence.  The concrete blocks were cut and the 4 metal panels screwed in place and then lifted into position.  The blocks were bedded into the ground.  Will arrived with the new pieces of handrail which were then screwed into the tops of the panels.  A nice job and the owner was highly delighted.  The pet crocodile seemed happy as well.
Digger Duncan on SBD levelled off a heap of rubble in the yard area, as it to put it mildly, it was a complete muddy and soggy mess.
He then levelled the ground behind the spill weir and set about clearing and levelling the muddy, sticky, gooey ‘soil’
Dumper loads were taken away as the levels were reduced as Bob raced to finish before night fall
A levelling sort of day.

Sometimes in life strange things happen.  I was clearing all the tools etc away at the bungalow and walking away with loaded arms.  As I have done for many years, you put one foot in front of the other and you move.  I tried this traditional approach and realised I was rooted to the spot unable to move. Odd, very odd.
Looking behind I saw Dino the big fearsome dog, had crept up and had a firm hold of both trouser leg bottoms. A dog with a sense of humour.  A piece of 2 x2 timber sorted the problem. Good job I was not wearing skinny jeans. Fun days on the canal.

Our last day for 2018 so a Merry Christmas and a happy canal new year from all the Ham Millers.