17 December 2018

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Thank goodness the weather predictions were essentially set for a dry day as we had arranged a HIAB to come along and move large heavy parts of No.5.

The morning was spent in preparation for this.  Our main concern was the Turret interface to the boat.  The release of all the bolts that we considered would separate the boom assembly at the slew ring, did not work and  following a spell consulting the drawings, realised that the set of bolts, of which 4 had  sheared off under the slew ring, required extraction.  

These, once out, did allow the assembly to be jacked up.  Eventually, the HIAB was used to raise it to a level where some activity could take place to sort out the remains of the sheared bolts.  A job for Wednesday.

At 15;30ish, in fading light, the HIAB lorry arrived.  By the time tea had been taken and the stabiliser feet deployed, the light was quite dim.  We started by removing the engine cover and then the engine.  Both these lifted away quite easily.

More tricky was the old capstan assembly with its big hydraulic pump.  Some flange bolts remained, despite their heads being cut off! So whilst these were being attended to, the HIAB moved to the front and did the lift on the turret/boom.  Great care was taken to ensure that the raised position was safe and secure,
(sorry, very poor light)

Eventually, the capstans and their heavy associated metalwork were teased out of the boat.  The hydraulic motor projected out one side and this made the jiggle out quite challenging under what was now flood lamp illumination.

The HIAB was provided by Andrew Wheeler based at Ryeford and it was really satisfying that we could successfully complete the job given that the operator had endured a  very busy day.  Oh, we have a few bits for sale.  An tired but working Perkins engine. plus the capstans with their hydraulic motor and gearbox.