03 December 2018

Dredger No.5 & Flea take to the air

In preparation for No.5's major refit, she was lifted from the water today and taken to Western Depot.  In an orchestrated move with work boat Flea, many volunteers had turned out to assist with the operation. 
Flea journeyed from Saul Junction where she has been renovated for use on SDC working party activities and taken to Wiggal's Yard at Dudbridge to be lifted into the Stroudwater Canal.  

Just before she arrived, No.5 was craned out and placed on the ground for the removal of the two side tanks.  When the transport had released Flea, No.5 was placed on board and taken to our depot.
Here, the site had been kept clear and she landed in the same spot as Patricia almost a year since Pat descended there.  
A fence has now been erected around her.  Our next act is to install the H&S approved access in advance of the commencement of her major renovation program.  It is hoped that a number of the dredger team will also assist with the project as this will greatly contribute to us getting her back in the water again.  
There is considerable workload, the progress of which you can follow in these pages.

Note: If there is an interested sponsor who would like to contribute to either of these craft, both are available for renaming.