12 December 2018

Pat's a Classroom

by: Bob H.

Today marked a major step forward in the commissioning to full service of our pretty lady Patricia.  We have concluded that no more testing is required and as all systems are now safe and fully functional, we can commence training and familiarisation sessions, then go to full dredging operation. 

Tuesdays have been designated as training days, so two trainees and one Instructor met on a clear and cool day. A fter some familiarisation for an experienced operator, there are several steps to complete.  First is the huge difference between 5 long levers and 2 short joysticks! 

Much more follows and after an intensive hour, we upped legs and moved over for some real dredging.  Hopper alongside we began slowly, slew, dip, lift, slew and drop. Repeat.  Both trainees and the Instructor operated the levers.
Below is the mud hopper close coupled to Patricia, which having all spud legs securely down, stays very still!

As occasion demanded, we washed hands in HOT water, dried hands on WARM TOWEL, and partook of HOT TEA made in our WARM  and cosy facilities cabin.
By the end of the day, the hopper was filled almost to the maximum acceptable level at this stage of dredging. 

Our progress shows what a determined team we have in the CCT Western Depot.  In 3 days (Dec. 14th) It’s exactly one year since Patricia landed in the WD car park in a state “ripe for refurbishment!”