04 February 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

A great team on board today, eight of us were working on the project for at least some of the time.  Three main tasks were tackled, they were, the plating to cover large holes in the deck, the joystick support assembly and plenty of cleaning and painting of a number of components.  Some time was also spent tightening the turret bolts with a torque wrench and preparation for welding the engine mounts down. 

The tread plate for the deck arrived last week, the two cover sizes required happened to coincide with at lease a width or a length of a plate, so a single cut with the gas axe to each sheet produced both plates.
These were later placed on the deck and marked out for drilling as new low profile dome head fixings are to be used to secure them.  There will be a large flat and safe area around the rear of the vessel to move around on.  It was previously a myriad of trip hazards.  
In the cab, the pivot holes for the joystick assembly were drilled and tapped.  A small slotted bracket was then fabricated so that the forward latch position for when the operator accesses or departs the seat gives space to get their legs past easily.  This component has how been sent to the painting department.

In the ever productive painting department much was going on, especially with preparation work to the engine cover where some redundant protruding components were removed and the old flaky paint stripped off.  More paint was applied to the hydraulic tank and also to the engine cover side flaps.  Next time should see red oxide paint on the deck plates once they are drilled. 

Later in the afternoon, white van man dropped off the new pinion gear for the turret motor, also returning the worn one.  This we can also install next time.
We were blessed with a warm and dry day, which always helps maximise progress.  Well done everyone, do come again.