13 February 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

…"we had a sort of feeling, if we remove the ceiling..."

Well, with the removal of a bolt or three, we had the blighter free!  That meant that the whole cab section, which is in need of serious tin worm therapy, can be lifted off the vessel.  Our intention is to transport it into the barn so that the repair task becomes considerably easier.  That's for another day.  A test lift proved that it would separate.
The decks have been pressure washed.  Considerable detritus had collected over time, so since it was spring like, a spring clean was in order.
The main job was the fabrication of the cradle to support the hydraulic tank.  This had to take into account the 50mm slope on the bottom of the tank so as to keep the top face level and not too visually offensive.  All the metal was found to create this thing, which now sits waiting in the paint department.  It will bolt onto the webs in the bottom of the hull.

Just three and a half of us today, but fine achievements for a days work.