18 February 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Yet another dry and fine day, we've done really well for them on this project.  An initial debate took place concerning the future of the cab, but either way, scrap or keep, it had to come off.

A cunning plan was hatched to highjack the tipper and load it on by first lifting it and loading onto skids, then sliding it across the decking onto the truck.  This all worked well.  On arrival at the landing point in the yard, we had the benefit of gravity and a raised tipper to help it progress to ground level.

All this has made our project look somewhat different.  Out of the shed came the two freshly painted fuel tanks.  These have now been placed in position.  They only just go past the engine, but that's enough for us!
Elsewhere, preparation and painting continued in the yard.  We also completed a stage one clean of the boom & jib.  Here loads of grease and dead foliage were removed.  A general clear-up of the site then followed.  In all, a lot to show for our days effort.  Thanks to the fine team that gathered for todays bash.
Time now needs to be spent searching for possible cab options.  We have Mr. Hydraulics arriving on Wednesday to plan the substantial plumbing job that awaits.