20 February 2019

Project 'DNF'  - No.5 Refit

And yet another fine day.  As usual, the bodywork shop was in full swing today attacking the encrusted layers of old paint on the engine cover.  This has required a considerable amount of effort to reduce to dust.  Many ancillary parts were attached to this, leaving many odd holes, but there will be none after the refit as we are planning to make this a sliding cover to greatly improve access to the engine bay.

Our hydraulics man duly arrived as arranged and this contributed to the already blooming planning session concerning the layout of piping and other components inside the hull.

There will be a full refit of the boom and jib, with careful consideration given to the dynamics of the hoses as the turret is rotated.  The old hoses clearly show signs of friction on their surface, not ideal for high pressure duties. 

The cradle for the hydraulic oil tank was finally bolted to the hull and the tank placed in it.  The eagle eyed of you might have noticed that the engine is now facing the other way.  This was a consequence of the detailed hydraulic plumbing logistics assessment!
Two other components were extracted from the store.  The oil filter/water separator assembly is now fixed near the back end of the starboard fuel tank and the battery tray will find a place to rest right at the foot of the engine on the port side just as soon as some paint has been deposited on the bare and rusting metal.

We hope to have a very tidy engine room with all the pipes and wires neatly tucked away, unlike the old No.5 spaghetti solution.

And finally, with the cab still awaiting a decision on its future, an alternative and attractive idea capable of carrying sponsorship, was trialled this morning.  It's much simpler and far less costly.  What do you think?