22 February 2019

WOT? Dredging on FRIDAY??

by: Bob H.

One of our stalwart volunteers, Sue only spends the Summer with us, as well as doing farm work during the week. (She Winters in Scotland!!).  The busy week means she is limited to when she can help.  Being a farming girl, she has a lot of tractor driving experience, so she was persuaded to come and learn how to remove silt with a lovely piece of plant which had a JCB origin. Almost!! 

Since she is so busy elsewhere, FRIDAY was offered, as one of Instructors was available. 
So a full day was set up.

Here’s Sue C, hard at work, concentrating furiously and doing a good job of using her two hands to control the bucket position. 

Left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards, open and close.  Again and again and again. 
It takes time, perseverance and not a little imagination to achieve good safe, smooth, and efficient movement.  And that’s without a single bucketload of silt leaving the bottom of the canal. 

She’ll be a good ‘un!