28 February 2019

Ryeford gets closer

by: Bob H.

Well it does if we’re going backwards! 

The Wet Dredging Team are getting more and more familiar with operating our Patricia. Now we regularly move off our current mooring, go and collect an empty(ish sometimes) hopper and move to our dredging site with it attached. No problem - so long as we move slowly. In reverse! 

Today, 3 stalwarts started prompt at 08:30 and performed start-up checks, collected the hopper and went off - backwards - towards Ryeford Lock.  This is getting closer as we press on.

 A few months ago, we rediscovered a pair of stormwater drain outlets. Now these were installed we think before the canal was partially restored in this area. Around them is a concrete apron which protrudes into the channel, a lot of stones and granite sets ( which we are leaving) and the remains of yet another bund. That’s hard work to remove!! 

After a good day, another hopper full was delivered by the Tug team to the unloading point, an empty one left for us to fill on Monday.
The drain drain outlets are in the near distance with some of the temporary markers around the apron. 

So, onwards and backwards (for a few more days) then we work on again with hopper on the other side an forwards past the landing stage. 

"May all your combined leaks never exceed your bilge pump capacity.