27 February 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Small team today, but good progress made in the never relenting sunshine.  Out on the boom, jib & turret, the remaining areas of green paint/bare metal were treated with red oxide.  The transformation into yellow beckons soon, if the weather holds.

A while was spent measuring for the diesel pipes and their associated connectors.  Following a trip to the plumbers, we now have connected the fuel tanks to the pump and to the engine.  All that remains is to cross link the two tanks at their lower connections.  For this, we need to order a length of fuel delivery hose, so should have that by Monday.
During the day, white van man delivered the sheet metal and 'U' section channel for the cab repairs, so this will be an action for Monday.  The plumbing in the engine room is being placed so that a proper non slip floor can be installed.  Plenty to do.....