21 February 2019

The Boat Team

by: Myron

Quite a lot happened this week with the Boat Team.

On Monday, Weedie was relieved of all the old debris associated with the old mesh.  Thanks to WD for taking on this thankless task.  A crew from the depot met Weedie at Stonehouse Court and a short while later Weedie was able to continue up the cut.  The boats systems were thoroughly tested and all checked out fine. The boat was taken up and moored at Ebley. Next week she will travel through Dudbridge Lower and on up to Stanton’s Bridge area where she has unfinished business.  Some of you may recall this is where the old mesh finally gave up the ghost, just as Weedie was getting stuck in, in earnest.

Meanwhile Goliath was out training and I believe they had a very pleasant day.

Tuesday was a big day for Goliath. Two trainees carried out their final assessment.  This is something that we have started doing over recent months. It is overseen by an instructor who has not had much experience with the trainees.  The trainees are expected to command the boat through all the major activities it can carry out, including general handling, lock work and hopper movements.  It goes down well with all concerned, as it both introduces a second opinion and proves to all including the trainee, that they have what it takes to command a tug in all situations.  It Needless to say, both passed with flying colours. Congratulations to Ian Nie and Malcolm Webb on achieving their WRG 21c tickets.

Wednesday was I believe  a day that might now start to be called routine. Margaret made herself useful moving hoppers for the Dredgers.

On Thursday I made my contribution along with others.  I welded some angle iron onto Delilah as part of the fitting of the crane.  It was interesting to observe the amount of activity on the canal. Apart from us three on Delilah, there were about eight people just next door getting on with the latest landing stage.  The SDC gang were also in the vicinity, doing all sorts of maintenance to towpaths.

Sorry there is no photos, mostly 'cos I wasn’t there, but even when I was, I had my head stuffed inside a welding helmet.