25 February 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

February knows no limits, ice first thing, but could well have been summer this afternoon.

We had three sort of sub teams operating today.  Firstly, the cab repairs have been started, we cannot hold out for something else which may take load of effort to make fit.  There is considerable metal worm in the lower panels and frame.  Attending to these has been simplified by elevating the cab.  Metal is on order as there was none of the right size squirreled about the yard.
The boom and jib were Gunked and pressure washed this morning, with the sun drying things out nicely.  After a good rub down, almost a complete coat of red oxide has been applied.  Yellow will probably be the final colour.
Down in the engine room, we managed to cut two large holes in the hydraulic control valve containment tank.  These are for the main pump feeds to the block.  Not easy access and very noisy.  The tank was also placed on rubber shims in case of any vibration movement.  The control block was finally fixed in place on its angle brackets.
At the stern, the hydraulic oil tank was also treated to some shims of rubber.   Along side the engine, we affixed the battery carrier to the engine stretchers, right below the starter motor stud connections.  There is still the battery isolator mount.
During a dull moment in pressure washing department, the site steps seem to have customised!