15 January 2019

A Tall Story 
by:Bob H.

Tuesdays are designated as our Dredger Training Day.
Today was a little different as we needed to carry out some maintenance as well.  With the weather having thankfully been dry, we decided that since the bilge pumps (three of the set of four) have proved intermittently unreliable, we have a go at fixing them.  Deck plates lifted (and screws regreased for next time) we cleaned out two of them and installed a new one for the third position.

That done, we also fixed the tiny leak on the exhaust pipe with good old-fashioned “Gun Gum.”  With that too successful (the smoke alarm in the engine room is VERY sensitive!) we continued the familiarisation of two more experienced operators.

In contrast to yesterday’s post about Dredgman Derek, one of the trainees today was John S. At 6ft 4inches, his bump cap is necessary! 

The hopper is now full and ready for the tug team and the dry boys to empty it. 

"May all your combined leaks never exceed your bilge pump capacity.