09 January 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Team numbers were somewhat down on Monday's numbers, however, three main areas were tackled.

Firstly, the diesel tanks received their second and third coats of paint.  The final colour is white, not all of this was completed.  They are looking really splendid now.
Another tank, has found a 'repurposing'.  The old hydraulic oil tank from inside No.5 has been earmarked to act as a containment around the control block manifold just in case there are any leaks of oil which can be just a drip or a high pressure spurt.  Some internal modifications need to be made, but it will perform the function well.
At the rear of No.5, the current hydraulic oil tank has been released from its fixings and is now ready to lift out.  We are looking to relocate that in a better position, clearing away one of the big trip hazards on the deck.
The afternoon saw us attending to the turret ring broken bolts.  Four of them sit buried in their threads.  A process of drilling and then re-tapping seems to work.  So far we have dealt with two and started on the third.  Once complete, we can devise a way to replace the turret back on the boat - it is heavy.

When all the major components are around us, including the engine, we will gather them together and contemplate the positioning of them within the hull.  A good day's effort.