16 January 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Workforce numbers were a bit down on Monday. but much was achieved.  The turret was on final approach last time, so our first job was to reinsert the jacks and perform the final docking manoeuvre.  Something more akin to the shuttle connecting with the International Space Station!  

We had a good grip on the various vectored forces we could apply to shift the turret in all planes.  A stage was reached when there was a gentle lowering followed by a most gratifying clunk as the mating faces sat perfectly aligned.  We were half a hole out on the slew ring gear, so a tiny lift to free the ring, so that it could be rotated slightly, did the job and all the bolts inserted and tightened.  They still need the application of a torque wrench.
Next on the priority list was the mounting of the hydraulic control block in the old hydraulic oil tank, now reused as a secondary containment vessel should there be a leak.  

This involved making a couple of right angled brackets to mount inside.  Firstly, a baffle plate had to be cut out.  This proved quite difficult using disc cutters, so the rather dusty plasma cutter from the welding bay was deployed.  What a fine job it did too.  With far less fuss, the baffle was extracted.
Another area of restoration pondered over today, was the repairs to the rusty metal panels at the base of the doors and the cabin.  Here, we need to let in some new metal.  The sheet material is available, but due to the nature of the repair, we do need a fine day to do it.

A good days work by all.