30 January 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

When it's -4C, working with metal is not the first choice of activities, but this is what we set ourselves to do today with the expectation that the sun would thaw things as the day progressed.
Two major tasks were achieved today.  Firstly, our new engine duly arrived at 09:00.  It was lifted straight off the pick-up and taken over to No.5 to be landed in the engine room.  Various items associated with it were unpacked and discussions over a cup of tea, ably supported by Jammie Dodgers, helped us formulate our plans for engine location within the boat.
By the end of play today, all the drilling was complete and the whole assembly was fixed inside the hull using components that once supported the old engine. 

Secondly, the joystick support assembly, which consists of a number of components fabricated last Monday, was welded together and trimmed to fit in the cab.  It is a substantial structure, probably complying with Admiralty standards, but one which should be very sturdy in operation.
Adjustments were made to optimise its position relative to the seat.  All that remains is to drill and tap the pivot points in the cab structure and provide a latching system to lock it in one of two positions.  The whole joystick assembly tilts forward to aid getting out of the seat.  We also intend to fit a switch to detect it being moved so that control circuits are disabled for safety reasons.
Late in the day, two large pieces of 6mm tread plate arrived.  These need cutting to size, drilling and painting to cover the areas where the capstans once lived and where the hydraulic oil tank resided.  A job for Monday, snow and ice permitting.

The team really enjoyed a fantastic days effort, so rewarding when major milestones are achieved.