08 January 2019

Ham Mill update Mon Jan 7th 2019

by: Andy P.

What a busy start to the New Year.  Following an update meeting at the depot a gang of people descended on Dock Lock and returned with the 4 x 6m lengths of pipe. 3 were loaded and roped for their trip to Ham Mill and a curious site it all made. WD rocket launcher was heard as a description.

Lots of activity. Cars were parked all the way down the roadway as there were so many people.
Pipes were unloaded and the remaining bends checked to see if we can get down the concreted tow path. We can but need a towpath bypass building first.
Bob, back onto bricking up the overflow inlet-a slow job still, due to all the cutting and crazy angles.
Welcomed guest appearances from Ron and Harry and with Digger Duncan, enabled the mini digger, big digger and dumper to be brought into use. Clearing the yard of its glutinous top structure which was quite capable of swallowing volunteers, tidying up the off side bank, extending the yard entrance now it had been semi cleared. The big digger was used to try to lift out the tree stump which is in the way. Tree stump 1, Digger 0.

2 Fence posts were fitted to allow the end of the bridge to be fenced off at some point.  
Mixer Mathew, Monday Maurice, Calibration Kay were joined by Richard and set about bringing the trees, shrubs and cuttings, down to the slope from the garden. They were carefully placed before being beautifully planted in a very pleasing and satisfactory manor-it looks really nice.