24 January 2019

CCT Benches

by: Wiĺl F.

With all the dredging updates, there are other activities volunteers undertake, One is making and installing the memorial benches along the Canal Towpaths.
Admired for their pleasing appearance thanks to Eastern Depot team who cut and smooth the repurposed Greenheart wood, then assembled by Western Depot chippies with the addition of a commemorative plaque and then the heavyweight guys install to the required 26 inch depth for the posts. Sometimes this is straightforward if the ground is reasonable like this morning at Inglesham where we installed the second bench commissioned by the Hanscome Family. The first bench was installed at Saul Junction so there are now Hanscome benches at both ends of the Cotswold Canals.
Last week we were pleased to install a bench at Saul commemorating former volunteer and Saul Trip Boat crew Pat Pewsey. His wife Shirley and family shared a moment of silence to remember a dearly loved family member
In all over 70 benches have been installed creating happy memories with supporting donations to help maintain the Trust’s activities.