23 January 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Whilst the freezing world around us took on a magical air, when we headed to work this morning, the conditions on No.5 were not at their best.  The sun was clearly going to take a while to get to work on the cabin, so we stripped down the old engine mounts for possible reuse in the warmth of the machine shop.  In the shed, the 1st coat of red oxide was being applied to the hydraulic tank.
Finally, the call came to say that the carrier had finally (3rd try) found the house and the new seat was about to be delivered.
Much thinking and pondering on cab layout then ensued.  We found that if we mounted to new seat on the old seat ironwork, then the position was well elevated.  The holes almost lined up.  We had to drill and tap 4 more to a pitch just a few mm wider.  The base post frame needed modification, a bit chopping off, to move it forward as possible.  Positioning and routing of the hydraulic pipes from the joysticks is our next major challenge. 
The sun before it got to work!