29 January 2019

Boats, boats, boats

by: Dave I.

Please forgive our enthusiasm for boats, but there's no getting away from the fact that they are what the navigation was built for!

Both tugs were out on Monday, doing a little hopper moving, a little training, and a little keeping the channel clear.  Here's an unusual picture of them together in Ryeford Locks. 
Preparations for mounting the crane into our wide beam barge Delilah have started.  The hatch into the  compartment where the crane will be mounted was opened, and we found it'll need to be emptied:
And now we know where the first cuts will need to be made. Hopefully we'll be doing this next week.  Once we have a hole, the next task will be to weld edging all round.  We'll let you see what it looks like as soon as we can.