22 June 2018

An Easterly Intermission

Getting away from work for a moment. An almost peaceful meander along the T&S section west of the Gateway Centre.  The constant noise of the PPI funded pan-European highway, that is the A419's concrete drag strip was broken only by the wide variety of bird song from the adjacent woodland.
What little water there is that puddles the bottom of the canal teamed with much wildlife.  Minnows gathered in the shallows taking in the warmth.  Dragonflies zipped about with a dazzling electric blue shimmer.  The aquatic plants displayed their finest blooms. 
The restored lower lock at Wildmoorway waits patiently for the days gates and paddle gear arrive.  Let's hope its condition holds good.
The upper lock looks more forlorn, but nothing that can't be fixed.  Remnants of a bottom gate break the surface of the duck weed.
There are great plans to re-water this section.  It is also quite likely that the T&S mile stone will resemble that at Capel's Mill in the near future.  In all, a very pleasant wander after a substantial lunch over at the western end in the sunny gardens of the Daneway pub.