05 June 2018

BAT Squad rescue Flea - III  The Flea Flies

Word reached us that Flea was well down the M5 and would soon be arriving at Saul Junction before 15:00

Final approach into and along the track into Davis's yard proved quite tricky, as did the turn around.  Eventually the trailer was reversed into the boat yard ready for the lift.  
It was during this process that we noticed a very wet patch at the stern of the boat.  In fact, each time the brakes were applied, water slopped out and ran down the hull.  This revealed where the leak was.  Overnight, no water had been taken on board.  It was just the water trapped in the rear bilge that was adding over a tonne to the back end.

The crane swung into action and our Flea flew over the tops of boats before coming to rest in the gap created for it.  On closer inspection, the split at the top of the stern could be seen clearly.  Apart from that, initial findings are that the boat looks sound.  Our Flea is not a turkey!