29 June 2018

Another day + another pile of aggregate  = another wheelbarrowfest

by: Ian Moody

Here is the obligatory “before” picture. The sharp-eyed amongst you will clearly be able to see that it is a distinctly different 16 tonne pile of Type 1 when compared with Tuesday’s 16 tonne pile of Type 1 (I wonder if there is a website somewhere that just features photographs of aggregate).
[Of course there is: https://www.shutterstock.com/search/aggregate   ed. ]
Anyway, it seems that if you pile it up, they will come. We came, we shovelled, we barrowed, we smiled, we sweated, we laughed, we ate doughnuts and we definitely wished it was a little cooler.
At one point we were rudely interrupted by a badelynge of ducks but it turned out they were just moving from the relaxation of the canal to the excitement of the river.
I failed to take a pic of the missing aggregate pile so I’m afraid you’ll just have to look at the first picture and imagine it without the aggregate and the boards. Go on.  I’m sure you can do it.  It’s sort of grassy with a bit of fencing.

The great news is that we are all systems go for the bouncy castle. Happy days!