15 June 2018

SDC Thursday Team

by: Ian Moody

Thursday saw a return to the Bowbridge ramp and some great progress made. The majority of the edge boards are now in place so one more session should see them all done. 

Normally we would be laying the aggregate and topping as we go but due to the limitations of the site we have opted to do all the edge boards first and then get all the aggregates in as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption to the cul-de-sac. Sounds like another wheelbarrowfest opportunity to me!

And over at Lodgemore the trench got longer, and the trench got deeper, and the CAT scanner got buzzier, and, eventually, finally, at last, we found the cable we were seeking. Western Power Distribution told me that it might be quite deep and they were not wrong. So locating it is good news (and a great relief!) but the depth means that digging the access pit around it will be a much bigger task than we anticipated.