04 June 2018

Pat's Progress

by: Matthew J.

As Peter was away today preparing to extract Flea from its watery resting place,  I promised to send him some pictures of today's progress, so that he could update the blog.

As the weather forecast was fine today, we decided to prioritise finishing off the paintwork on the port side of the main cabin, as well as the operator's cabin. Pat's purple livery is now complete

In addition Gill has made excellent progress with painting the various spud leg components with the JCB yellow paint that finally arrived last week.  Although we only received one tin, the good news is that there is still plenty left to finish off the remaining components and hopefully a good part of the main jib.

With both Pete and Vince away today, we couldn't progress any of the other mechanical or electrical work, but a satisfactory day's painting nevertheless.
[Sorry, a bit dark ed.]