13 June 2018

Pat's Progress

With a fine day in prospect and the forecast of rain later, we pressed on with further painting.  This time, it was the hull related deck surfaces and gunnels on the boat.  These required quite a bit of chipping away at the multi-layered heritage coats of paint+rust.   Great progress was made, with almost all the surfaces red oxide and coated with non slip deck paint.
At the same time, we were working at the front cabin installing the windows.  The one new window took a bit of time as that required a different set of mounting holes.   Once they were in place, the gutters and locking eyes that support the anti vandal covers were pop riveted in place.  Now we have glass in place, the shields will need to be up when we are not about.

We had hoped to get all the remaining spud legs pinned in place.  Difficulties with the front port side assembly quashed that ambition.  We have an alignment problem, which is going to take a bit more time to sort out.   However, the two stern leg cylinders were coupled to their new hydraulic hoses.